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George Gerstenberg

Coaching Leaders to Develop Exceptional Teams that Drive Revenue


About George

I believe if someone chooses to work in a brick and mortar, retail sales, engaging profession, they deserve the opportunity to be and feel successful.

The process of developing a highly successful Team is not difficult in theory. The challenges however, become visible with an ever-changing economy and workforce.

Great people, evolve into exceptional Team Members when invested in. With easy to manage processes in place, a culture of learning, high level of communication and trust will ensure job satisfaction is met. This is the intersection of the "WOW" Customer experience and growing a retail business.

I have trained, and coached thousands of retail managers and sales professionals, by growing a national retail chain, that is the largest in its space in the U.S.

I am a passionate people person, and enjoy a great retail experience, like all consumers. You and your Team deserve to get On Track!

  • Pennsylvania, United States
  • George Gerstenberg MCPC
Who I Help
  • Retail owners, Managers, Stakeholders, Sales people, Teams