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About Betsy

My purpose is to create safe spaces where we all learn to magnify our positive impact in the world through our own transformation. 70% of my clients are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous,
People Of Color: people who don’t look like me) who have risen to middle management and above.

To be an effective leader, we need navigation tools that will guide us through both stormy and smooth weather in life and work relationships. PQ, Positive Intelligence, tools as practiced in WFL Mental Martial Arts Bootcamp provide a firm foundation.

The discipline of MENTAL MARTIAL ARTS strengthens your SELF-COMMAND whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or organizational leader. Many of us are focused on leading ourselves and our families, and we need to work on our mental and emotional fitness to do so.

MY BELIEF: Leaders exist to MAGNIFY strengths - Self, Others, and the Organization or Cause we serve. With over 30 years in leadership roles, leadership development and executive coaching, I help leaders identify, internalize and intensify those strengths through rigorous focus on:

• increasing your AWARENESS of your obstacles and potential breakthroughs
• Illuminating your CHOICES for change
• intensifying your TENACITY to reach your goals

  • Georgia, United States
  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach
  • Certified Professional Coach, Certified Co-ActivePr Professional Coach,
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Leaders at all levels. People who choose to have a more positive mindset.