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About Dr. Mia

Get your SHIPS together!

Relationships that is: Interpersonal, platonic, romantic & family.

I help women conquer self-defeating behaviors so they can have fulfilling relationships.

"Of 121 one on one coaching sessions:100% reported as "Useful"

I have had the honor of working with people who have had difficulties with life's stressors.

Experience/Credentials: I have 13 years of experience as a licensed clinical therapist (LPC) in several states (direct client contact exceeds 6,000 hours). I am also board certified by The National Board for Certified Counselors (NCC). I have a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I also hold a doctorate of education (Ed.D) in counseling psychology.

  • North Carolina, United States
  • Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Who I Help
  • Adults
  • men
  • Women