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Rasheeda Creighton

YNAB Budget Coach, Because Personal Finance is . . . Personal


About Rasheeda

In 2015, I walked away from a failing marriage with a 1.5 year old child, a net six-figure income, $200 in the bank and $200,000 in debt (excluding my mortgages). What looked on the outside like success: degrees from top undergraduate and law schools, climbing the corporate success ladder, 4500 sq. ft home, husband, “ideal” blended family; was all a mirage. And when my marriage ended, I decided the mirage would end too. I was afraid of looking like a stereotype: single Black mother can’t be successful in her professional and personal life - you have to pick one, but I was more afraid of continuing to live an inauthentic life.

Within 4 years, all of the debt except student loans and my one remaining mortgage was paid off, I left a successful corporate career to launch 3 profitable businesses, and I (and my daughter) was thriving in every area of my life. There are many reasons for this (therapy and prayer being foundational for me), but one of the key areas was finding my way to Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom, as I define it, is the freedom to make decisions based on my core values and interests, not based on the need to pay bills. But you can’t get there if you don’t know what gives you financial security, what you want life to look like when finances aren’t a burden or if you have no idea where your finances really are. Financial coaching has entered the group chat.

  • Virginia, United States
  • YNAB Certified Coach
Who I Help
  • Black Women
  • Women