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About Kim

Kim Sasser

Welcome! 🥰 I am a certified business consultant, mindset coach, & Quantum Sales expert, and I’m also the CEO of Poolside Preneur💦⛱.

My specialty is in combining business strategy with personal development to create powerful shifts in business and in life.

🦋I help women to expand and align on all levels (simultaneously), which creates a transformation that’s powerful and sustainable!

I do this by combining:
1. business strategy,
2. mindset,
3. energetics, &
4. emotional intelligence.

Some examples of topics I help with, specifically, include:

🎯 creating your own IP and frameworks so that you have a process to take your clients through and have an actual asset for your business.

🎯 creating offers and setting up an ascension model that increases retention, monetization, and sustainability.

🎯 feeling confident to show up, serve, and sell in ways that feel good to you.

🎯 simplifying sales & marketing, and knowing exactly what income generating activities to focus on each day to move the needle.

🎯 shifting old programming and limiting beliefs to empowering and supportive ones, so that you can embody your next-level self.

🎯processing feelings and emotions as they come up, and transmuting them into magnetic manifesting-energy that creates overflow.

Women come to me for support with:

✅ increasing the sales of their small business online

✅ selling in heart-centered ways that actually feel good

✅ growing and scaling a profitable, sustainable, and freedom-based business that works for them.

I’m all about :


I have a multitude of certifications, including:

-life coaching
-business consulting
-NLP Practitioner
-Reiki Healing (Master Level)

✔️I also have a (university) masters degree in teaching,
✔️and have built multiple businesses from scratch.

This is my gift and my passion, and I believe that together, we create the ripple effects that will change the world!

Message me…
Let’s make some waves! 💦⛱

♥️ Kim

  • Georgia, United States
  • Certified Business Consultant
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Masters Degree in Teaching from AASU
Who I Help
  • Adventurous women
  • Entrepreneurial women
  • Female entrepreneurs
  • female introverts
  • Female leaders
  • Female visionaries
  • Heart-centered women
  • Next-level women
  • Small business women
  • Women who are ready for growth
  • Women with small businesses