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Kanwaljit (Sunny) Kochar

Creating A New Tribe Of CANADIANS... (HexaVisionaries) SMARTER. WISER. PASSIONATE. AND FREE! They Start with a Dream, Build a Roadmap, Take Action and Believes They Can Achieve It 3X Faster .


About Kanwaljit (Sunny)

Kanwaljit (Sunny) Kochar is a Broker and licensed advisor in AL, BC, NB and Ontario. With over 30 years of heading solution-driven privately held businesses. He's helped 100s of clients & coached many agents to leverage the exact premium solutions with total authenticity.

With years of extensive business analysis (BA) and Project Management (PM) experience from his various ventures across many countries, he is armed with multiple professional certifications such as Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP ®) designation, a Certified Project Manager (PMP®) designation, and licenced with Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRO) LLQP licensed advisor. He has the knowledge and expertise to make your money work hard ( Sweat ! ) for you. He has lectured extensively on the management and planning of personal finances by creating innovative solutions with excellence.

His mission is to share with as many fellow hardworking Canadians as possible the things he has discovered on his incredible journey to financial freedom and all the great people he has been able to help so far. He firmly believes that financially secure individuals and wealthy families will make the world a better place than we found it.

We, The Team Hexavision, Thank you for this opportunity to be your coach and mentor these proven modern-age wealth-building strategies with you.

Good luck on your Financial Freedom journey!

  • Canada
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP ®) designation
  • Certified Project Manager (PMP®) designation
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRO) LLQP licensed
Who I Help
  • Hardworking, High Tax Paying, Home Owner Canadians to Retire Early and Wealthy