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Jo Gillard

Thriving for Empaths' - Embrace Your Life feel Embodied, Empowered and Fully Expressed


About Jo

I am passionate about helping Empaths' who are ready for their next level of personal development, to discover who they are and confidently start aligning with a vision of life that they truly desire.

I use a holistic and intuitive coaching approach, combining embodiment practices with mindset tools, guiding clients on an awakening journey of self-discovery.

Why Empaths? Empaths are deep-feeling souls who have tendencies toward conflict avoidance, people-pleasing and overgiving to the point of self-sacrificing, which often results in exhaustion and even burnout. Because they feel others' emotions so deeply, when aligned they are compassionate and kind, heart-led, even holding visionary ideas of a harmonious planet.

My vision is to see these beautiful souls making a stand for what they value in an aligned, authentic, and powerful way - but how can they stand for their beliefs if they are too exhausted to stand up for themselves in their own homes?

Together we ground and support their energy, increase their self-appreciation and value, work on boundaries, and clarify their deepest desires. I help them to understand their body energetically and build the confidence to give voice to what they want from life.

These inner transformational shifts help clients to begin thriving in their lives, feel more present, stay in integrity, find meaning and live a life that feels like a true expression of all that they are.

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Coach
  • Certified Life Coach (by EverCoach/ MindValley)
  • Current Trainee Sex, Love and Relationships Coach
Who I Help
  • Empaths
  • Highly Sensitive
  • Toxic Relationship