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Holly Bahr

I help women in their 3rd chapter (midlife) who feel lost, disconnected and forgotten to discover their dreams and find their soul-aligned purpose so that they can live a life that lights them up.


About Holly

I help divorced women in their 3rd chapter, or midlife, who feel lost, disconnected, and forgotten to courageously discover their dreams, find their soul-aligned purpose, build their intuition muscle, create a self-love practice, and live a life that lights them up.

Did you do everything you were “supposed to do” and now you look at your life and feel totally unfulfilled?

Did you work hard for the career, raise the kids, create a home, coordinate everything, get divorced, and now are asking, “Who am I?”

Me, too, sis. Me, too.

After 20+ years of personal and professional experience, lots of confusion, therapy, coaching, a couple spiritual awakenings, and a couple divorces, Ready to be Ready Coaching was born to help women in transition get clear about who they are, what they want, and make their dreams a reality.

It’s safe here. I with create an energetically aligned space, provide total acceptance, and a proven program with guided resources for you to unearth your buried longings and learn the skills to create a thriving and joy-filled life that you love.

  • Indiana, United States
  • Akashic Records
  • BS Business Admin
  • Confidence Coach
  • Forgiveness Coach
  • Goals and Success Coach
  • Human Design
  • Infinite Possibilities Trainer
  • Intuition Coach
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • MBA Business Admin
  • Mindset Coach
  • NLP Life Coach
  • Reiki
  • Time Line Therapy Coach
  • Transformational Life Coach
Who I Help
  • divorced women
  • divorced women in midlife
  • spiritual women
  • women in midlife
  • women who feel lost
  • women who feel stuck
  • women who want to find their purpose