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About LaTasha

LaTasha Jones is a Los Angeles native who have served as a social worker for more than 25 years in both Child Welfare and California Correctional Facilities.

After witnessing and experiencing the impact of burn-out, financial disparities and compassion fatigue among servant based professionals such as social workers, nurses, teachers, therapist, the "go to" aunt, etc Tasha recognized that a safe space for servants needed to be created to "rethink how we serve."

Then COVID-19 hit with more demands on Social Workers which further confirmed the need to lead social workers to improved paths to serve in ways that honors their overall well-being.

Talk2Tasha Coaching and Consulting, LLC was formed specifically to empower social workers from working herself to death and create a holistic SELF CARE lifestyle that she deserves. The Self Care Escape Lounge was formed as a time-out space to mentor Social Workers into Social Entrepreneurs by activating the "hidden" life coach in them that allows them to increase their INCOME and IMPACT. Serving on her own terms that pays her and honors her!

Talk2Tasha is the bridge that leads social workers and heart centered women to more choices, more time, more freedom, and added peace.

That's it; just serving in my sneakers and over- sized tee-shirt, praising God that HE chose me to reshape the impactful ways to serve and helping others release guilt for wanting more as a servant leader.

  • California, United States
  • Personal Development
  • Positive Psychology
Who I Help
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  • counselor
  • mothers
  • nurses
  • pastor
  • social worker
  • Social Workers, Teachers, Heart Centered Professional Women
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