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Meera Mohan-Graham

🏳️‍🌈✊🏽 I’m a QPOC coach committed to helping marginalized people find self-liberation


About Meera

Hi, beautiful human. I’m Meera (she/her)

All too often, we survive the pressures of oppression by muffling our truest selves. I help intersectional, marginalized and multi-dimensional people rebuild trust in your own deepest instincts, so you can reclaim your power.

I’m a queer woman of color, soul mate to a white, trans man, the daughter of South Indian immigrants, and the endpoint in a lineage of intergenerational trauma. For decades, I struggled to integrate the many facets of who I am; I believed they were incompatible, and so I learned to “switch off” and “switch on” different parts of myself to fit into varied spaces. But even as the people around me viewed me as an adaptable, capable leader and person, I felt myself growing fractured, and slowly disappearing. Trying to belong everywhere meant that I ultimately belonged…nowhere. So I eventually decided to explore what it would mean to show up as my full self no matter the context - and everything began to change.

That’s the personal foundation that my work is built upon - but my story isn’t yours. I’m a professional, ICF-accredited and Certified Wayfinder coach with a single purpose - to support marginalized and intersectional people in reconnecting to your instincts and your multi-dimensional self; things that so often get flattened and muffled in our efforts to survive an oppressive world. In a society that says we must treat our most human facets as failings, we’re going to do the opposite. Whether it’s within the entirety of your life, your leadership roles, or somewhere in between - I’m here to help you fully unearth your voice and come to a richer understanding of all the parts of you - so you can stop trying to justify your worth, and start trusting and following your own deepest nature without reservation, shame, or the need for external validation.

  • Montana, United States
  • Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach
  • ICF Associate Coach
Who I Help
  • Leaders
  • Leaders with Marginalized Identities
  • People of Color
  • Queer
  • Queer community