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About Jennifer

Jennifer is a certified Alcohol Freedom Life Coach who is passionate about helping her clients make alcohol small and irrelevant in their lives so they can create a life they don’t want to escape from.

After struggling with her own unhealthy relationship with alcohol for eight years, Jennifer knew she must make a change, but didn’t like the idea of AA and having to label herself an alcoholic.

In her search for an alternative to AA, Jennifer found freedom from alcohol through the same science based, compassion led model she now uses in her one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs.

AA teaches you that the problem is you, not the alcohol. Alcohol Freedom Coaching teaches you that the opposite is true.

Jennifer helps clients uncover why they are drinking in the first place and allows them to challenge their beliefs about alcohol and about themselves so that they can stop drinking without willpower and without feeling deprived.

Jennifer also works with those like her, who have adult ADHD (whether formally diagnosed or self diagnosed) and have been self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs.

Rather than teaching you how to be ‘sober’ – Jennifer’s coaching methodology takes away the desire to drink. Sounds hard to believe, but it is true. This incredible change can open the door to the life you have been waiting for.

If you are drinking more than you want, it's not your fault, you do not have to call yourself an alcoholic and you are not alone.

To get started on your wellness journey you can schedule a free confidential discovery call with Jennifer on her website:

  • New York, United States
  • Alcohol Freedom Coach
  • This Naked Mind Certified
Who I Help
  • Adults with ADHD
  • People who are questioning their relationship with alcohol
  • People who want to moderate their drinking
  • Those who are self medicating ADHD with alcohol or other drugs