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About Tracie

As an international choreographer, producer, consultant and educator, I have always been driven by the process. Investigation and intention are my motivation in rehearsal, on stage or in relationships. I love to dig deep and truly understand life. In all of my creative endeavors, the WHY was fairly easy to uncover. The HOW was a bit more elusive. There is no static rule book for living a creative life. AND there is certainly no one path to creativity. I have explored, researched, discovered, failed, recovered, and learned. It is an exciting process and I am always eager to share. I started Synthesis U to connect with the artistic impulse and expand my process. I love supporting artists as they define success on their own terms. Whether my client is looking for accountability and support, productive systems and routines or clarity on goals and intentions, each session moves the artists closer to themselves. It is an honor to witness.

  • New York, United States
Who I Help
  • aspiring artists
  • aspiring creatives
  • choreographers
  • creatives
  • dancers
  • emerging artists
  • entreprenuers
  • mid career artists
  • teachers