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Michael Friis

Coaching Founders of SaaS and Tech to Scale B2b revenues - Guaranteed ROI for qualifying clients


About Michael

✔️What I Do

I am the Founder of a growth advisory, Coaching Founders and builders of SaaS, Tech and B2b business’s to grow sales….. fast.

Everyone has growth goals, but few achieve them, most business's fail and the #1 reason is lack of sales growth, I help Founders take revenues from an excel spreadsheet … to a plan.. to a reality.

I work alongside Founders and company Owners to:
*Create your sales and go to market strategy.
*Commercial and pricing strategy.
*Define your lead generation strategy.
*Sales messaging.
*Sales planning.
*Sales conversion skillset.

Additionally I'll shape the actual tools you use in your sales process, such as Sales discovery templates, Sales proposal designs, and all conversation drafts.

The hardest part of any strategy is the execution, I coach you to execute on the plan, adjust and revise as needed, deal specific strategy, and keep the momentum building to achieve the goals set.

✔️Why Work With Me?

As well as planning and strategy, i'm also there supporting the tactical selling, the messaging you use, the results your getting your conversion and your pipeline, I work from top to bottom as your virtual Chief Revenue Advisor.

I have scaled my own start-up to multimillions in revenues and successfully exited.

I have coached 1000’s of sales people and 100’s of sales leaders and over 50+ Founders to achieve ambitious growth.

I have co-authored a book on high performance teams, business strategy, and performance coaching, this reflects a lifelong passion for fast tracking high performance.

I have worked exclusively for the last 5 years in b2b Sales strategy and execution across NZ and Australia.

I offer a results focused performance guarantee, because I am 100% confident, qualified clients will get the results agreed.

✔️Next Steps

To get help, to get clarity or just to connect and have a chat drop a quick 15 minute meeting into my diary here -->

I don’t take on everyone, but I do help everyone I talk to.

  • New Zealand
Who I Help
  • B2b Sales Teams
  • Founders
  • SaaS Business
  • Startups
  • Tech Business