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Shalonda Allison

Coaching people from stagnation to purpose, advancement, clarity, and elevation


About Shalonda

Shalonda Allison is a Licensed Therapist, Transformational Coach, Business Owner, and Course Creator from the “Hoosier” State of Indiana. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Transformational Coaching Certification. She is the founder and CEO of Guiding Light Therapy Center, Guiding Light Therapy Services, and Lighthouse Connection.

Shalonda is the mother of one adult son and two grand-dogs whom she adores! Shalonda enjoys time with her family and friends, music, concerts, and traveling.

Shalonda is passionate about helping people live their ideal lives. She has helped many individuals, couples, and families move from a place of stagnation, disappointment, and fear, to advancement, purpose, and empowerment. Shalonda finds contentment in helping others gain clarity, find purpose, identify their niche, and restore, rebuild, and revive relationships through individual and group coaching and therapy. Shalonda is also passionate about offering support to parents of adult children who struggle with the pain and disappointment that can come with parenting adult children. She launched an e-course for parents overcoming disappointment with their adult children and offers coaching as an extension of the course as well. She joined a group of dynamic women in authoring the book “A Memory, A Moment, A Message, From The Coaches Desk”, a collaboration of memories, moments, and messages narrated by a group of coaches and their experience of a coaching program.

  • Indiana, United States
  • Transformational Coaching Certification; Licensed Mental Health Therapist
Who I Help
  • Seeking clarity and purpose, feeling stuck, ready to level up, seeking niche