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About Sheila

I have worked with kids my whole life, I simply adore them! My favorite thing is giving kids tools to be successful in life starting now! We used to think we had to go through a life of hard knocks to learn how to pivot and adapt in the ever-changing world but what if we are taught these skills and tools as a foundation for how we live our lives today? Instead of sitting back and waiting for the learning experiences to come our way, we can arm them with powerful skills like the ability to love themselves no matter what, build within them an unshakable self-confidence, and grow their mindset to seek positivity at every turn! Imagine how much more fun navigating our days could be if we had learned these skills early on. It is not easy to be a kid/teen today but with the right foundation, we can teach them to thrive and soar no matter what comes their way.

  • Arizona, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Masters in Leadership
Who I Help
  • Kids, Teens, Parents