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About Ma Ashni

Hi, you can call me Ashni. :)

I teach artists, creatives and experts who are here to make great work in this world to master their personal energy so that they can consistently stand out, make more income and impact to grow their personal brand.

I know that the universe is supremely abundant and we can have it all.
We can have enhanced well-being and deepened soul wisdom while generating wealth.

Through the course of my active spiritual transformation, I realised that my ikigai is to support the creatives in the world to grow beautifully sustainable and ever expanding income with their creative gifts while tending to their soul, sanity and self so they can bring positive lasting change to the world with zero sacrifice.

I do that by providing advanced energy work and intuitive mentoring along with self mastery education and advanced energetic tools through my 1:1 sessions, private programme, day retreat and workshops.

Using my innovative Rapid Resistance Release™️ process, I will help you to release deep-seated mental, emotional and spiritual resistances so that you can move forward with elevated energy and enhanced clarity to take big, bold actions naturally to materialise your personal and professional goals with ease.

After supporting many emerging artists and creatives to regain their energy level, experience lasting calmness and increasing income, I am now ready to help you when you’re ready to take another step forward to truly stand out and be widely known for your signature work without burning yourself out.

Want to master your personal energy?

Get in touch for a complimentary Changemaker Chat and I will help you to map out a strategy to transform your personal energy:

  • Australia
  • Codes Teacher Training (4 Levels)
  • Emotional Anatomy Consultant
  • OSHO Mystic Rose Facilitator (OIMR)
  • Past Life Regression (Weiss Institute)
  • Pellowah Level 3 Teacher Training
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Level 2
Who I Help
  • Artists
  • Businesswomen
  • Creative Professionals
  • Design Experts
  • Innovators
  • Wordsmiths