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About Kali

My Story

I created Dare To Break Free as my journey has been one of transformation, too. I stayed stuck so many times in my life, fearful of change, letting low self-esteem hold me back, or my persistently low energy levels sabotaging my dreams. 

I became relentless to solve my own problems, it’s been a journey! Setting up numerous businesses, failing countless times, juggling a career alongside studying at university, financial stresses, extremely long working days, having chronically ill parents, binge eating, insomnia and complete loss of passion. I wondered what life was all about, as I wasn't enjoying it.

This is why I know it is possible to Break Free. I’m not just a wealth of qualifications, I have a PHd in life experience. 

My mission now is to help women be healthier, stronger, more confident and unleash their badassery to create life on their terms. Life is too short, and we know it! I don’t know about you, but turning 40 was a bit of a kick up the butt, to tell me ‘ok, youth is now behind me, and as I look forward there is so much I want to do, I don’t want to waste time, not another year drifting through life.’

If you want to make a breakthrough for yourself in your health and mindset, then let’s talk, you have nothing to lose. Our first conversation is free. I’m here to listen, understand you, what you truly want. After all, how often do we really get listened to. That is my gift to you. 

  • United Kingdom
  • BSc Nutritional Science
  • Certified Proffesional Co-Active Coach
  • DIP Nutritional Therapy
  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology
Who I Help
  • Women