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About Erika

Change is Coming. Be Brave Anyway.

I have been coaching goal design, personal change, work/life balance, and partnership communication since (woah!) 2004. Originally, academic coaching was part of my profile as a college faculty member, and in 2016 I stepped out to become a full-time coach for academic professionals, students, and business owners.

In 2020, reflecting on my own neurodiversity, I suddenly recognized just how many of my clients over the years had been impacted by ADHD and it's secondary effects, and it was so clear where I needed to go. I completed ADHD-specific coaching certification in 2021, and today Adventura Coaching focuses on high-performance women with ADHD and other neurodivergent gifts. It's been a thrill to build a pack of wildly individual, confident, wicked-smart women.

Together we are changing the way we approach achievement, satisfaction, and finding the courage to bravely chase our goals, even in the face of constant change. Come join us.

  • Nevada, United States
  • ADDCA Associate Certified Coach
Who I Help
  • 2e
  • academics
  • ADHD
  • Adult ADHD
  • entrepreneurs
  • high-IQ
  • neurodiverse
  • professionals
  • solopreneurs
  • twice-exceptional
  • women
  • women with ADHD