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Kavita Melwani

Empowering soulful entrepreneurs to Opulently Shine


About Kavita

Kavita Melwani is an Intuitive Leadership and Business Coach, A Highly-Sensitive Woman, and an empath. She is also a mother to two beautiful teenage boys. Kavita is a first-generation American and a serial entrepreneur who has owned and operated various businesses since 2003. The turning point in her life came when she started to work with a life coach to recognize her true gifts and calling.

Kavita holds various coaching certifications, is a Master Certified Jungian Coach, a Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. She also holds the following certification: “Certified Money, Marketing, and Soul Coach,” “Nutritional Therapist,” and Success Mindset Coach, Relationship Coach.
She is on a mission to guide other heart-centered, conscious, sensitive, empathic entrepreneurs to find their voice, accept and love themselves, and thrive.

  • California, United States
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Jungian Coach
  • Certified Money, Marketing, and Soul Coach
  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
  • Success Coach
Who I Help
  • Coaches
  • Empaths
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sensitives