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Frazer Fearnhead

Helping entrepreneurs unlock their potential and achieve their biggest goals.


About Frazer

I started my entrpreneurial journey at the age of 13 and have always had a passion for building businesses.

I’m a qualified Business Development Consultant and a certified Mindset /Success Coach with Bob Proctor's world renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). A company which has transformed hundreds of thousands of businesses around the globe through the implementation of PGI's proven methodology.

I combine my skills and experience with PGI's methodology and Bob Proctor's world class materials to transform the way you are conditioned to think and, thus, transform the results you achieve in your business.

During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve built several multi-million-pound companies. I’ve
sold or franchised a few businesses along the way and scaled the last company I founded to a valuation of £30Million.

But I've also made mistakes and learned some painful lessons along the way.

I’ve worked hard to discover what works and what doesn’t. And I now know what it takes to scale a company successfully.

Most people think you will need to work long hours and make many personal sacrifices. I used to think the same way. But, despite what is commonly believed, I’ve discovered the opposite to be true: building a successful company can be a lot easier than you think.

In fact, the actual work you do is responsible for just 20% of your success and 80% is attributable to your mindset.

And, if you want to achieve your biggest goals, you must reprogamme your mind to think like the world’s most successful people.

This discovery is the foundation of my coaching.

When you implement my methods, you’ll find (amongst other things):

• Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated with your business, you will be able to grow quickly
• You will be able to pay yourself what you deserve
• You will be able to earn more, whilst working shorter hours
• You will stop procrastinating and become a decisive action taker
• You will become laser focused and able to achieve more whilst working less

  • United Kingdom
  • Business Development Coach. Mindset/ Business Success Coach
  • Frazer Fearnhead
Who I Help
  • founders, entrepreneurs, business owners and other go-getters