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Emily Potts

Your business is yours, but you don't have to build it alone


About Emily

I’m a qualified business coach who supports ambitious SME leaders to develop a crystal-clear vision of where they want to be, a concrete plan of how to get there and the confidence to step up and take the action needed to achieve more growth in their business with less stress.

With a background in management consultancy and 18 years’ experience as a business owner underpinning my coaching practice, I am well placed to understand, support, and challenge you as you scale and grow your thriving business.

I have been where you are now:

▶ Heading up a pretty successful business that you’ve worked hard to build, maybe with a small team of people in place, but feeling a bit stuck, knowing that you could do and be more, but feeling a bit fuzzy about exactly where you want to be and how to get there.
▶ Juggling the demands of wearing so many hats and concerned that by focusing on one area, you are overlooking at least three other critical components of your business.
▶ Trapped in your own head with decision-making going round in circles as you don’t know where to find the right people to talk to help recreate forward motion in your business. It all used to seem a lot more straightforward when it was just yourself and you had no team to worry about!

So, how can I help?

Through my coaching you will develop:
▶ A crystal-clear vision of where you want to be in the next 5-10 years of your business and a roadmap of how to get there with a detailed plan of action for the next 90 days.
▶ Fierce focus on what will drive your business forward, freeing up your time to play to your strengths and devote time to activities that energise you.
▶ The confidence and resilience to make decisions knowing that there is someone on your side challenging you, supporting you and holding you to account.

My clients work with me so they can achieve their goals more quickly, more fully, and with greater peace of mind. They value the fresh perspectives and challenge my coaching brings and are confident my combination of business, consulting and coaching expertise will help them deliver the growth they want for their company while freeing up their time and energy to become more effective in their business and more able to live a life they love.

A professionally qualified coach, I hold the ILM Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring and the Senior Practitioner Level Accreditation with the EMCC.

  • United Kingdom
  • ILM Level 7 Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Teams