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Nakiya Tate

“To fall down is not a state of mind that of stay to stay down, but it’s the drive to get back up and prosper”


About Nakiya

Nakiya Tate here, the creator of the QueenEO Empowered Movement. She is the Master Coach of Claim Your Crown. NAKIYA listens well, relates to others, and leads from her heart! She is a rapid blessing when it comes to the success of her tribe. By bringing creativeness to challenges and discovering the right solutions through coaching and mentoring for women, leaders, other coaches, consultants, service providers and professional leaders who have a tough time getting to their N.E.W. LEVELS in their life and/or business.
Nakiya teaches women how to wear their tough skin and embrace their flaws boldly so that they can plan, create, show up and follow through on their own terms with ease. So that they claim their crown to live in the queendom they create for themselves.
Through self-mastery and a cohesive foundation that helps guide and cultivate your confidence, superpowers and growth gives you an advantage to create multiple streams of limitless success. On your own terms. With unlimited support in any way possible.
Are you coachable, willing and committed to invest in yourself and/or in your business to reach your limitless N.E.W. levels of success whatsoever that looks like for you!
Nakiya brings out the best in you! She helps you increase your productivity and fulfillment in your life and business flow. She provides goal-oriented guidance that will set you up to Live, Lead and build a Legacy
She is the guiding star 🌟 for others and is on a mission to help 1000 women and entrepreneurs through women empowerment so that they can become fearless and reach their limitless levels!

  • Delaware, United States