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Caroline Mug

I help professional women live intentionally so they can realize their dreams and achieve their goals.


About Caroline

I am a coach who helps professional women live fully and fuller gain clarity on their priorities and goals through creating simple strategies and systems so they can achieve their dreams with ease.

I am a coach, life-long learner, and dog mom to name a few. I am obsessed with books and always have multiple in progress from self-development and business books to fiction. I am an early riser and enjoy starting my day with a run. It makes me feel alive, gets my brain going and ready to maximize my day, whatever that might look like!

I haven’t always known what I wanted to do but I have always known I’ve wanted to work with others and make an impact. In college, I almost dropped out of my education program with just a few months to go. Thankfully, I didn’t because it provided me the incredible opportunity to teach 5th grade at an international school in Venezuela. From there, I transitioned into the business world working for my entrepreneurial mother. We provided counseling programs, trainings, and community resources to empower college students as they were pursing their dreams. It was such a gift to work with my mom and support the company she spent 30 years building. Always evolving, I pivoted into corporate learning and development where I focused on creating leadership programs and coaching employees on their career development.

Officially, I’m a certified coach and a leadership professional with multiple degrees, including a BA in Education and Linguistics from the University of Colorado and an MBA and graduate certificate in Organizational Psychology from Saint Louis University.

  • Missouri, United States