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Şirin and Max Hewitt

Helping people to reconnect to their true-selves, to nature and to an innate way of living.


About Şirin and Max

Hi there! We are Max and Şirin Hewitt, husband and wife, parents to 2 boys who we are unschooling, and Holistic Life Coaches. Max is a men’s coach and Şirin coaches women.

We each offer 1-1 coaching programs for 3 months, where we focus on the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE (healing our client’s past and childhood traumas/wounds; rewiring their brains, bringing awareness and working on their social conditioning, limiting beliefs, and self-love; and empowering them to reconnect to their true-selves and their values so that they can set healthy boundaries, standards and goals, and improve their relationships). Our 1-1 coaching is £280 per month x3 (or £160 per month x6 on a payment plan).

We also offer a low cost monthly membership for £10 per month, which focuses on creating a healthy and more natural lifestyle, and the 4 pillars of health (physical, mental, social and spiritual).

  • United Kingdom
  • Life coaching diploma
  • Nutrition diploma
  • Sociology degree
  • Training by Alison Armstrong
  • Training by Dr Gabor Mate
  • Training by Preston Smiles
Who I Help
  • Men
  • Women