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About Talia

I help individuals and teams become more productive, flexible, and innovative using scientifically vetted methodologies based in creativity.

I offer individual coaching as well as team development. I specialize in two areas - one is productivity (especially dealing with procrastination), the other is creativity and all of its benefits (increased comfort with ambiguity, more flexibility, greater confidence, better problem solver, etc.).

I work with procrastination because I am a procrastinator, and I needed to learn what held me back and how to cope with it. I can now pass on my learning! I work with creativity because that's how I'm wired. I just bring curiosity and compassion to all the work that I do - and it turns out that's a great recipe for creativity!

I know there are a lot of coaches here, and I appreciate you stopping to look at my profile. I'd love to connect to see if we might be a good fit!

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • Creatives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Procrastinators
  • Teams
  • Women