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Esmeralda Campa

I help empaths who’ve experienced trauma to overcome trauma, overthinking, and disconnection from the body to have more clarity, emotional intelligence, and better health so that they can ignite their


About Esmeralda

I am transformation coach, mindfulness enthusiast, and movement expert. I have worked in the mental field for many years as a Social Worker & providing therapy. Trauma will challenge your ideas, beliefs, and character but you are the most powerful person you know! I always dreamed big but this fog took over in my journey, feeling lost & stuck; living in survival mode, paralzyed in making decisions. It wasn't until my internal world took over my external world affecting my health & well-being. Your presence is needed when you are experiencing depression and trauma therefore I invested in myself and chose to end the war within & follow my souls purpose. I am very passionate about supporting women, warriors to discover calmness and strength in their body, mind, and spirit through mindful movement, fitness, and energy healing modalities.
Let's rise, Let's connect :)

  • Kansas, United States
Who I Help
  • Empaths
  • Women