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About Emma

I believe most humans are in boxes, whether because they were placed there by others or by themselves. Coaching is one way to start recognizing the walls of the box around you and to step out of it entirely to live a free and full life.

Tools. Some of the coaching tools I use are: somatics (connecting to the body), breathwork, and truth-telling. I use my intuition to recognize patterns and then share them back with you. Then, you decide whether it resonates or not and what (if anything) you will do about it.

Emotions matter. I coach people that are committed to acknowledging, naming, and understanding what their emotions have to share with them.

Some changes clients have experienced with me are: Gained awareness of challenges, Gained awareness of values, sorted through patterns, made small changes that accumulated to bug outcomes, more creativity, more joy, growth & expansion, clarity, transitioned to new career.

Clients describe be session with me as: insightful, profound, identifying the underlying cause/motivator, gentle challenges, intuitive, cut through the noise.

  • Nevada, United States
  • ICF member
Who I Help
  • BIPOC leaders
  • Non-profit leaders
  • Physician leaders