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Evan Burk

NFL coach-turned-speaker/author/performance coach | Helping organizations leverage the power of intangibles to develop their people, elevate performance, and create championship team cultures


About Evan

Evan Burk is an author, keynote speaker, leadership coach, and podcast host specializing in leadership, high performance, and building winning team cultures.

Coach Burk has spent nearly two decades coaching elite athletes and leaders within top sports organizations. As a former NFL and college football coach, he knows how to bring teams together, overcome adversity, and elevate high performers to achieve at their highest level.

Now he uses his unique football coaching background to educate and inspire leaders, high performers, and teams for corporate clients and organizations by teaching the principles and practices learned from coaching teams at the highest levels of football.

In 2022, Evan Burk released his first book, Finding Intangibles, in which he helps organizations identify the hidden traits that drive elite performers and championship teams. When Evan speaks and writes, he educates audiences on leadership, high performance, and culture, and also hosts a weekly leadership podcast, The Highest Level with Evan Burk.

  • Texas, United States
Who I Help
  • Athletic coaches
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  • corporate teams
  • Emerging leaders
  • first-time leaders
  • High Performers
  • Performance-Driven teams
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