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Georgia Mulliss

Multi passionate about business and about you


About Georgia

Multi passionate about business and about you!

The people I love working with are already in business, and have been for a few years and they are so close to up levelling…. So close!

And stuff just keeps coming your ways - typically 3 out of this list is impacting your business…….

Thinking everyone buys like you do (researching for the best deal).

Procrasti-planning, wanting to be extra qualified, and perfectionism.

Resisting making marketing plans because it feels restrictive or boring.

Second-guessing your ideas because they come so easily to you.

Shiny object syndrome / distraction. Or newer, sexier ideas.

Waiting for magical timing instead of taking imperfect action.

Resisting systems because you want everything unique and bespoke.

Marketing feels restrictive and boring.

You struggle with consistency when you don't feel like it.

You worry about "slimy" tactics.

You worry that marketing strategies won't feel authentic or caring enough.

You don't want see your community as just a number or potential dollar signs.

You prioritize other people's success and neglect your own marketing.

You hate being told what to do!

You get bored with consistency.

You're too busy burning it all down.

You think all marketing strategies are cliched, cookie-cutter, and boring.

New ideas feel way more fun than finishing and launching existing ones.

So what next.

Book an hour with me, take time to fill in the questionnaire which will make that hour super powerful and actionable.

You’ll go away with clarity, trust in yourself, and knowing your next steps.
Includes a recording of call.

After that you can choose to work with me regularly or as you need.

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