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Kasia Wood

Spark well-being into your life with coaching support and accountability.


About Kasia

We all have a spark within us. My name is Kasia and Sparkwell Coaching is my passion project. I am a coach, mother, partner, creative, business strategist, empath, and personal growth enthusiast.

My passion for coaching really sparked after a surreal experience I had in the fall of 2021. I had my first panic attack. It feels really strange to write that because I am generally a very private person when it comes to mental health. I actually thought I was having a heart attack when it happened because I had not experienced anything like it before. It was hard to breathe and I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking and trembling and it felt like an out of body experience. When I found out it was a panic attack and not a heart attack, it forced me to take a deep dive into the choices I was making. My mind was ignoring my stress and as a result, forced my body to say, “Hello this is too much. If you’re not going to do anything about this, I will just make you stop.”

Through the process of slowing down and reevaluating, I've been discovering that my painful experience was valuable. It created a desire for me to help people who are either stressed out or just need extra help to make a change in their lives, careers, energy levels, or mindset.

Throughout my life, I’ve done research on psychology, nutrition, and optimal performance, and would describe myself as someone who is "self-development-obsessed". I've realized that it's time to turn this passion into practical knowledge for the real world and share skills you can use in your everyday life that help you gain energy, manage stress, make habits or changes that last, and live a more balanced life.

Doctors and other practitioners either don’t have the time, or the skills to help people stay motivated and follow through to get a lasting result for their health. So, people default to their set habits, even when they know those habits make them feel lousy or not get the results they want.

With the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities, what we’re doing to transform our mindset, mental, or physical health is no longer working and we're looking for something greater. Without the right support and accountability, this cycle will continue and, in many cases, get worse.

That’s where a coach like me comes in, to provide the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can feel energized, supported, and empowered to achieve your goals faster.

  • Oregon, United States