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Starlyn Haneman

Live life like you were meant to, without guilt


About Starlyn

Hi, I’m Starlyn.

I help moms who are mentally and physically exhausted to reclaim their health, energy and confidence so they can stop just surviving and start thriving, without guilt.

My purpose in life is to help you live yours, full of health, energy and all the happiness.

I am a wellness coach for women who are ready to transform their lives by reclaiming their health and energy, and gaining confidence in their body, while living a happy and balanced life.

It is my mission to help women feel alive again, feel like they can tackle anything life throws their way and to not feel like wellness is one more thing on their to-do list.
It is my mission to help you live life like you were meant to.

  • Colorado, United States
  • Integrative Health Coach Certificate
Who I Help
  • moms
  • mothers
  • stay at home moms
  • women
  • working moms