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Adam Thomas

Prioritization is easy - Strategy is hard.


About Adam

echnologist, product expert, and explorer of bright ideas and big possibilities

Mission statements are hard — especially for guys like me, who geek out over lots of different things. Whenever I sit down to sum up what I do professionally, I wonder if people will look at the motley assortment of titles — technologist, product expert, writer, speaker, strategist — and think “geez, how many hats can one guy wear?”

So let me start with the most important stuff. First and foremost, I’m a technologist and product expert, which means I help product development managers (aka PdMs) and product teams make better decisions about what they make and how they work by advising them on product development, management, and leadership. You know, the good stuff.

Drawing on what I’ve learned over 15 years leading product initiatives at places like, Datalogue, and Philosophie, I help clients overcome common stumbling blocks and find the answers to questions like:

How can I excel in product management?
How do I hire my first product development manager?
Why is my product development manager not performing?
How can I make sure the strategy is crystal clear?

When I’m not working with PdMs to unlock their potential and revolutionize their output, I’m sharing what I know as a public speaker. I’ve been honored to present for Wizeline, Philosophie, Product Led Growth, Industry, Mind the Product, Denver Startup Week, Ethel’s Club, and many other industry-leading platforms.

I’m also a writer on all things tech- and product-related. You can stay up to date at my blog and check out my regular contributions on BuiltIn, Mind The Product, PM Insider, Product Marketing Alliance, Product Craft, ProductPlan, and Product School.

I started my career as the founder of The Gamer Studio, a gaming news website, and later went on to found another startup, Arcade School, that connected people with career paths in video games. So I know what it’s like to be in the driver’s seat, having to make the decisions whose outcomes will ripple throughout the organization like so many falling dominoes.

My latest venture is Survival Metrics, a roadmap for success designed to help product managers and teams understand when to push forward, when to pivot, and when to stop an initiative completely, resulting in fast, politically safe, and data-informed decisions.

If you’re looking to power up your approach to product development, let’s connect!

  • New York, United States
  • altMBA
Who I Help
  • Executives
  • Founders
  • Leaders
  • Product Managers