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Rochelle Janssens

Working with quietly determined career women to get their first, or next level, leadership role.


About Rochelle

I love working with amazing women who are ready to move into that role where they can make a difference as a leader. It's inspiring seeing them gain clarity and confidence in who they are (both as a woman and a leader) and watching them take control of their career, their leadership journey, and often their life.

I know that leadership is about who you are being, not what you are doing, so my clients become a leader from the inside, out. Imagine becoming the best version of you and bringing that effortlessly to work - people will be drawn to you, regardless of the role you're in. Add to that intentional connection with the right people to form your 'village' and then allowing yourself to shine so others can recognise your greatness - and you will no longer be the best kept secret, overworked and overwhelmed... just waiting for someone to recognise how good you are.

A few random facts about me...

I first became a leader at 20 months of age, when my first little sister was born, followed by 2 more! I led my sisters into putting on dancing shows, becoming my students in a makeshift classroom, and my customers/employees in a 'shop' - all before I was 10. They used to call me bossy, although of course we know they really meant assertive ;)

My entrepreneurial (and intrepreneurial) spirit kicked off as a 10 year old girl, selling flowers out the front of my great-grandmother’s house (beautiful Chrysanthemums my father used to grow) along with the occasional pumpkin.

I am a coffee snob and not ashamed to admit it, always in search of the perfect latte from random coffee shops my husband and I find on our travels.

I have a goal to live and work somewhere in the south of France for at least 3 months. I have visions of cobblestoned streets, lattes and croissants at an outdoor café table, typing away on my laptop (not a romantic at all)

  • Australia
  • BSc Majoring in Psychology
  • Post Grad Cert. Career development and education
Who I Help
  • Aspiring women leaders in mid to large organisations and government agencies
  • Mid level managers in mid to large organisations and government agencies
  • Quietly determined career women looking to make a bigger impact