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About Peter

I am an ICF certified coach (ACC level) with over 30 years experience building and managing teams at startups, nonprofits, and Fortune 50 companies. My two kids are independent young adults (one is a PhD student and Eagle Scout, and the other is a transgender EMT), and I'm great friends with my ex (30 year marriage, recently divorced).

Coaching has always come naturally to me. Even in high school, I was the shoulder to cry on and the one to ask for advice. I create a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental space, and I work hard to build bonds of mutual trust. I've frequently been called "the stabilizing influence" in the places I've worked.

Beyond a varied career which included marketing, corporate philanthropy, employee engagement, software development, and a lot more, I have published several novels, traveled to many places around the world and the US, volunteered as scout leader and youth coach, and made at least four major career changes. I've also been published or quoted in US News and World Report, Reader’s Digest Online, Money Magazine, PR Daily, Ethical Corporation, Authority Magazine, and even The New Yorker (2nd place in the cartoon caption contest!).

I am genuinely interested in you as my client, and in empowering you to make critical decisions in your own life, according to what’s right for you. My aim is to empower you by helping you connect with your own values, understand your own goals, and find the best ways for you to reach for and achieve your own potential. To the extent that my personal experience can bring value or point you to resources that will help, I’ll respectfully offer those experiences and resources. But in my life, I’ve learned how to make my decisions for *my* life. Coaching is about helping you make the best decisions for *your* life.

My StrengthsFinder top five
1. Maximizer
2. Strategic
3. Positivity
4. Ideation
5. Arranger

My top five VIA Strengths
1. Perspective
2. Humor
3. Fairness
4. Hope
5. Gratitude

  • California, United States
  • ACC
Who I Help
  • Career change
  • Finding direction
  • Life changes
  • Living authentically
  • Parents of gender-expansive kids