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Loraine Yoder

Emotional Wellness for Moms of estranged adult children.


About Loraine

Emotional wellness begins with our thoughts, which means you can change many things by changing your thoughts. Our emotions come from our thoughts, which also affect our physical well-being.
Learning through her my own experiences, trauma, defeats, failures, knocks, and knock-downs, Loraine is able to recognize the same type of emotions in others. Having gone through a lot of healing to get this far, she speaks from experience and understands with compassion while leading others along their healing path.
Someone who understands the pain of rejection, being controlled and manipulated, she can guide those on that path to healing and personal strength and confidence.
Loraine lives in Oklahoma, is married, has three children and four grandchildren. She teaches Youth at a Spanish church. She was born in Mexico to missionary parents and has many unusual life experiences growing up.

  • Oklahoma, United States