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About Kizzy

Kizzy is a writer, an entrepreneur, and a woman who has overcome the circumstances of her past through her faith in God and lends coaching to those struggling in their faith. She's a young and dedicated spiritual powerhouse determined to spread God’s love to the masses.

Kizzy is the author, most recently, of Making Business Happen- A Financial Refresh Guide To Building Business Credit, and A faith-based devotional book titled From Faith-less To Faith-Full. She is the founder of Faith It Til You Make It Ministry. This ministry was birthed in February 2022 under the direction of the Lord to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the nations.

Kizzy has a passion to prophesy to those who sit in dark places and are held captive by the works of the enemy. Her calling came through a confirming word by the Lord in the book of Matthew 4:19 "And he said unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men".

Kizzy is a certified transformational life coach at Faith It Til You Make It Coaching Academy, where she focuses more on your spiritual being rather than your psychological or physical. Her role or responsibility as your coach is to partner with you in a thought provoking process that inspires you to maximize your potential.

Kizzy's coaching sessions are all about helping you get from where you feel stuck in life to where you want to be by helping you to regroup yourself and change the way you think about things. Her emphasis is more on Coaching you to Becoming more confident in yourself and aware of your spirit being, without having to be validated.

  • Texas, United States