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About Aneesa

Aneesa is a transformational business coach for WOC as well as Asian men & women who want to become more visible, confident and empowered within their business to go from chasing their dreams to attracting opportunities that propel them towards it.

Aneesa focuses heavily on accountability, productivity and action planning.

Aneesa comes with 7 years entrepreneurship experience and a background in law, contracts, design and tech. She is a multi-passionate coach that supports her clients with a tailored approach to business strategy while keeping them accountable to the goals they desire.

When she isn’t working, she’s spending her time going for walks and reading books with her husband and 7 month old daughter in their little flat in London.

You can find more info about Aneesa on Instagram @aneesajcoaching

  • United Kingdom
  • Certification in progress: BIZ
  • Certification in progress: ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  • Certification in progress: MINDSET
  • Certification in progress: NLP
Who I Help
  • Asian Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • WOC