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Marni Lutz

Certified ADHD Coach (Families, Teens, College Students & Young Adults)


About Marni

Hi! I am neurotypical mother to 3 incredible boys & a loving husband, all of whom have ADHD. I spent 20 years in the field of Parks and Recreation, with a passion of building community & serving others. While I loved my career, my desire to better understand & support my family lead me down a path of curiosity, education, & ultimately to the ADD Coaching Academy. It is through this discovery process that I found a new calling, passion, and way to serve.

I currently work with young adults, college students, teens, parents, & families. From a place of understanding, I partner with clients to bring awareness to their strengths, and together we develop strategies to create the life they have always wanted. I am a firm believer that when working with families impacted by ADHD (children, siblings etc…) everyone can benefit from coaching! Strengthening relationships, utilizing a collaborative approach, creating mutual understanding & showing empathy toward each other is key in the family coaching process.

While the path isn’t always easy, I believe the view from the top will always be worth the climb!

  • California, United States