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Naheemah McMicheaux McCallop

Creating the Safe Space for WOC to Thrive in Work/Life/Family & Opt Out of Burnout Hustle Culture for Good.


About Naheemah

As a disruptor, I teach CEOs, C-Suite, and entrepreneurs the daily practice of a “Divine Pause”, the #1 self-help for self-care and burnout intervention strategy, to achieve a new level of sustainable flow & harmony in life and the workplace. My goal is to give rise to meaningful experiences that enable businesses and people to be well and thrive from the inside out and believe people want, need, and deserve to be seen and heard. Safe spaces where people can be the truest versions of themselves are invaluable and I love to partner in the creation of those spaces.

In working with impact-driven WOC leaders I know that it’s easy to fall back into the cycle of burnout and exhaustion. That’s why I hold sacred space for my clients through 1:1 Coaching, Thrive Beyond Burnout Circles, cohorts, retreats, and events to give WOC leaders permission to take that necessary reset and pause to not just feel safe to “Just Be” but move from survival mode to thriving.

Our motto here is “Balance does not exist, but harmony can”, especially when you are intentional about proactively designing your life, work, and business to include more of it.

So, if you're ready to opt out of burnout culture for good and are one of the many WOC who feels like you are doing self-care wrong, wondering why it's still not working after the vacation or the massage or bubble bath. I want you to know you are not alone, and it's not your fault. What was modeled from our ancestors was the "Superwoman schema" and the fact was they had to hustle to survive. Western culture's version of self-care taught us to buy into short-term relief vs. long-term freedom. However, you are the legacy shifter and get to do it differently.

Together, you will unlearn, and learn to get back to you to reclaim your agency, your voice, your energy, your time, and space by sustainably taking care of yourself without the guilt, shame, or cape.

Organizations looking for some help accomplishing your DEI wellness goals for the year, we've got your covered too with restorative team retreats and virtual circles for WOC to gain tools to reduce stress, “be”, feel seen, and consciously choose well-being over burnout.

Email me to get started on your liberated self-care journey!

  • California, United States
  • Certified Restorative Justice Mediator
  • Certified Transformational Coach
  • EQ Certification
  • Trauma of Money Coach Certification
Who I Help
  • BIPOC Women & Moms
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives