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About Jan

As I started my business in 1999, de Zwarte Consultancy Coaching and Creations, I knew coaching was going to make a difference. I had just experienced coaching with an amazing coach and knew that was my path. I joined the Graduate School of Coaching with Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck and learned a lot about coaching.

As a transformational life coach I love to coach players with BIG Dreams who are looking to impact the world in a positive way. They are willing to invest time, energy and money in themselves and in their BIG Dreams. They can't really speak about their dream with the people around them, they just don't understand.

If you ever woke up one morning and thought "This isn't it, is it?" and you want to make change happen by design, let's have a conversation. If you ever had the question pop into your mind "What else is possible?" and found an answer, but you don't know yet what to do about it, let's have a conversation.

I would love to invite you to my "Get To Know You And Your Big Dream" conversation to see if You and Your Dream an my Coaching are a match. One caveat, please only accept my invitation if you really feel you are ready for coaching and are willing to play full out.

  • Netherlands
  • CoachVille - Graduate School of Coaching
Who I Help
  • CEO of scale up
  • executives
  • founders of start ups
  • people with big dreams