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Karey Spransy

There's no right way to do life; there's only your way.


About Karey

Hello, hello, hello!

I'm a resilience coach helping people-pleasing perfectionists design a life they love without giving a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Regardless of how you describe yourself, I don't know anyone who hasn't said, "WTF! Is this really my life?" at some point.

I definitely said it when I became a single mom at 18, when I decided to leave my childhood religion, during both of my divorces, and when I was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer.

Shitty shit happens in life, and you've got what it takes to make it through; promise.

Let's get together in a free Design Your Life Consultation to dream big about YOUR life and create a plan to make it happen.

  • Netherlands
Who I Help
  • people pleasers
  • perfectionists