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Viviana Oliver

Women’s Wellness for Mental Health + Complex Trauma Recovery


About Viviana

We are not broken. We make sense.

Living with the impact of multiple childhood trauma (aka complex trauma) often means we’ve been living in survival mode for most of our lives. We may not have had the support we needed then but we can get it now.

It takes energy to do the hard healing work. Learning how to support your mind and body with trauma-sensitive care is key to recovery. Practicing daily functional wellness can be a game changer in replenishing what trauma has depleted, supporting your body’s ability to heal and giving it what it needs to thrive. It has done its job to help you survive but now you can help it rest, support healing, and increase capacity for life.

You deserve recovery. You deserve to reclaim your life.

I plan to launch and offer 1:1 coaching and group support soon. Use website link to join waitlist if you’re interested.

  • Connecticut, United States
  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
  • TRAINED - Community Health Worker
  • TRAINED - Initial Trauma Recovery Coaching with IAOTRC
Who I Help
  • Childhood sexual abuse survivors
  • Complex trauma survivors
  • Mental Health + Trauma Warriors
  • Women learning to maintain major depression recovery
  • Women learning wellness to help support recovery