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Priya Mohal

Empowering South Asian Women


About Priya

As a South Asian woman, I know that we have been taught and have seen a lot of things growing up that we have viewed as normal or just the way things are until we have to face up to them in our own lives and it has stopped us in our tracks.

The cultural conditioning we have gone through can and does make us feel that we are second to others in our own lives. The fact that most of us were not celebrated at birth the same way that boys are, when we are told that marriage and kids are the main expectations of our lives at such a young age, then many of us put our career and business ambitions on hold to be there for our families. There are generations of South Asian women that were told to stay in the background, to be quiet and supportive of those around them.

After all this and from speaking to many South Asian women, I can see such a big need for us to self-reflect, discover what is really important to us and create a life we feel proud of in line with our own values. We are often torn between the roles we think we should be doing as part of that cultural conditioning and the roles we want to be doing, dreaming bigger, taking up space, and being at the forefront of our own lives.

The work starts with us.

We can break the cultural conditioning cycle and set ourselves (and the next generation) up for a better life.

I’m here to help South Asian women take that time to work on themselves through coaching so that they can feel happier and build the life that they want, whether that’s balancing the roles in their lives, their careers, or building a business.

  • United Kingdom
  • BSc in Management
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Diploma in Small Business Coaching
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • middle managers
  • South Asian women
  • women