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Mr. Kirit C. Mehta promoted Chetan Group over 20 years ago and from his beginnings as Customs House Clearing Agency his aspirations and quest for growth led him to diversify into the business of international trade in non-ferrous metals, chemicals and commodities.

In course of many years of participation in international trade activities and business dealings with various developed countries he fathomed the significance and role of the electronic media industry in the growth and development of these societies. With this exposure and understanding he envisioned the effectiveness of the electronic media in a society like ours wherein every constituent craves for and is in continual quest for higher learning and spiritualism but plagued with low levels of literacy.

Hailing from a pious family and conversant with the potential of Indian culture, philosophy and spiritualism he visualized and foresaw the latent potential in bringing together Indian philosophy and spiritualism with the electronic media for dissemination to the masses at large.

This vision found urgent need for release when the new generation was exposed to the cultural invasion through the skies in the form of alien television software causing widespread disillusionment and bemusement.
He therefore embarked, into producing Tele-serials while taking all precautions to protect and preserve the sanctity of the subject.

Ever enthusiastic to do all that is possible with resources at his disposal to ensure ample dissemination of the cause of Indian culture, philosophy and spiritualism, particularly after experiencing void caused by the absence of these subjects on mainstream television media and sincerely feeling that a vacuum existed in the absence of any comprehensive plan to avail of the benefits of the highly influential and omni-potent Television media, he embarked on his long cherished dream of placing Indian culture, philosophy and spiritualism onto the media mainstream to enable propagate its grandeur throughout the world

He launched a Trust in the year 1994 to produce programs for broadcast on the electronic media. However, the broadcast and post-production industry being in its nascent stage at that juncture, he met with many restrictions and limitations. With view to overcome the hurdles that he encountered during his struggle to produce programs, he ventured into setting-up studio facilities to enable create such programs with all facilities under one roof.

This lead to creation of ‘CMM’ STUDIOS - ‘Chetan Metchem & Media Studios’ in 1996 which turned out to be the largest studio between middle East and South East Asia spread over an area of 19,000 sq. ft. at Worli, Mumbai and the only one of its kind offering ‘one-stop-shop’ facilities for the entire television broadcasting and media industry.

With such facilities at his disposal and believing that no better medium than a satellite television channel on global beam covering 87% of world population on the free-to air mode exists to carry the message of the Indian culture, philosophy and spiritualism to all corners of the world he furthered on their long cherished path and ventured into the satellite television channel broadcasting arena and launched a Television Channel’ around August, 2000.

Channel had acquired license for broadcasting the entire historic, ‘UNITED NATIONS MILLENNIUM WORLD PEACE SUMMIT’ which was held at New York between 28th and 31st August, 2000

The Channel spread to the UK and the USA from Dec. 2004 and grew more popular and strong thru the decade under the spearheading leadership of Mr. Kirit C. Mehta till 2010 when Mr. Mehta exited it and took up the International Distribution of DISHA TV Channel for over 3 years successfully in the UK and USA

Thereafter Mr. Mehta had been working on a Middle East based cultural channel “KULTUTRE TV’ which had a turbulent history as he was not issued the License from Dubai Studio City in the UAE where he lived till 2018. He suffered a brain stroke in end 2014 during one of his trips to Mumbai and had to use a wheelchair or Mobility Scooter thereafter as his left limbs were affected and he was already PPRP with polio on right leg.

He admitted himself to a couple of month long Rehab stays in Dubai’s leading Rehab Center and after recovering quite well he returned back to India his beloved Mumbai for good is now living in Goregaon East.

Never one to sit still for long and after his long stay and frequent travels abroad he once again as during the time when he started Aastha discovered a huge galactic black hole in the availability of Coaching, Mentoring and Motivational content on accessible and affordable TV and Media. Strangely there is a void in the whole world of such content on easy Media. More strangely while the world is full of really competent enthusiastic and motivated Teachers, Noble Coaches, Mentors and Motivational Speakers they have a pain point of not having any good platform to be able to achieve the recognition they deserve or the satisfaction of having served a large needy multitude of people who are unaware of their existence and availability. People search the net and youtube for solutions to problems of everyday Life in all its aspoects but even scavenging in the garbage they fail to find the right Coach. Similarly the Coaching Mentoring and Motivational Tribe use YouTube and WhatsApp in the hope of trying reach the right people and they too mostly fail miserably there.

Having understood the power of Media TV and latest Technology Mr. Mehta identified both these groups of humans needs, desire and pains and came up with a square of 4x Quadruple-Win project ‘ENRICHTV’ to serve the people living a mediocre Life of perpetual struggle in quest of a better Life, the coaching tribe, his yet to be built team and his Investors.

This is a project with 3 levels of Service and B2B and B2C Business Model
MR. KIRIT C. MEHTA Coaches aspiring TV Channel owners to launch TV Channels.A

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