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Nefretiri McGriff

Helping caregivers achieve a healthy life balance and manage the stress of their roles and responsibilities, guilt-free.


About Nefretiri

Nefretiri McGriff holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with concentrations in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health and is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with the State of Florida. She is a certified Prepare Enrich facilitator to guide engaged or married couples in learning more about themselves as individuals and as a unit. As a Certified Life Coach affiliated with the Certified Coaches Alliance, Nefretiri serves as a Compassion Fatigue Coach supporting those who personally or professionally help, heal, or care for others to remember themselves. She also serves as a Mindfulness Coach helping clients successfully shift from the state of doing into a mode of being.

Being an overachiever, Nefretiri became enmeshed in her career in the non-profit child welfare and social work setting and lost sight of herself. Not only did she work in a caregiving capacity, she had to fill that role in her personal life for her mother on multiple occasions. Unfortunately, Nefretiri’s lack of self care and attention led to her own personal ailments and health concerns. Refusing to continue to live her life without appropriate boundaries, neglecting her needs, and living a life that others saw best for her to live, she decided to leave the non-profit sector and take her talents and gifts to the collective. Nefretiri created an inclusive space for people who are yearning for meaning, happiness, and satisfaction out of life; that next level type of growth. She has worked in a myriad of settings with children, adolescents, young adults, and families presenting with emotional and behavioral concerns and blockages in obtaining their personal and professional goals. She draws on her experiences and expertise in Trauma Informed Care, Cognitive Behavioral techniques, and a Strength-Based approach to support the whole person, not just the symptoms. Always an advocate for healing and growth, Nefretiri discusses her journey with domestic violence as an author in the Sister 2 Sister Book Anthology. She was featured as a speaker at the Blaze Virtual Summer Winter 2021 which is deemed as a Webby Award honoree, enlightening women across the globe about Compassion Fatigue. She was also featured in a BLISS article sharing her perspective on balancing her dating life and being a CEO.

  • Florida, United States
  • Certified Coaches Alliance
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Master's in Counseling Psychology
  • Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern
Who I Help
  • adults with estranged relationships with their mothers
  • assertiveness skills
  • boundary setting - family
  • boundary setting - personal
  • caregivers
  • entreprenuers