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Shirene Botes

Spiritual Coach and a mentor on the Wisdom of Love’s True Essence. Serving wild-hearted men & women, entrepreneurs and coaches in shifting their mindset and honouring the Innate Wisdom within.


About Shirene

“There is a deep and gentle doorway to truth, through knowing yourself in the frequency of Love’s True Essence.” – Shirene Botes

Are you drawn to cultivating a culture with wiser values?

Over the last decade, I have successfully worked with many individuals from my Cape Town based practice. My life's work is an experiential study and curious inquiry into how the experience of prolonged stress and trauma can shape our inner perspectives.

Carrying the song of a new era in my heart I encourage you to embrace yourself and your calling fully. My passion is fueled by your ability to ignite your true power as a wisdom keeper, way-shower, vision bearer or dream weaver.

“A lot of people don’t struggle with depression, they struggle with the reality we live in.” - Keanu Reeves

Can you recall the first time an authority figure's reaction in your childhood caused you to override an intuitive feeling?

If your thoughts and feelings are vibrational frequencies, what energy signal/signature are you emitting at this moment?

As a companion on your journey to becoming Intimately Conscious, I intuitively provide personalised guidance for hearing the wise voice within and harnessing your authentic expression. Adhering to the language of the heart strengthens the connection with your inner guidance system. The gift and the invitation is developing your ability to recognise when your voice of truth speaks.

When embarking on a journey with me, we will explore inhibiting perceptions, develop your intuition, get clear on what you truly want, and refine your Energetic Acuity; Emotional Intelligence; Mental Clarity and Body Balance. Through cultivating alignment with your genuine values you will know how to self-nourish even if you get knocked out of orbit.

Using a customised Daily Alignment Practice; working with Decrees/Truth Statements; tools and supporting perspectives to reprogram your subconscious mind, we will shift your ‘set point’ to help you embrace your authentic expression in the world.

Book a free 30 min, introductory call to assess if there's a resonance between us for working together.

*I am in the process of updating my online platforms. Please contact me should you have any further inquiries. *

Being Intimately Conscious: Honouring the guidance of your heart-based intelligence, opening to Love’s wisdom and being more deeply connected. Recognising the intricacies and interconnectedness of all things through weaving your part in the web of life with greater integrity, attention, intention and awareness of the influence your thoughts, actions and choices have on you and all involved.

Energetic Acuity: Intuitively synchronised through your womb, heart, throat, thought connection and communication.

Intuitive Alignment: Being unified with your core signature and stepping forward with certainty. Understanding the difference between making fear-based decisions vs being response-able, while guided through being Intimately Conscious.

Grow and build a business in alignment with your truth, and consciously attract clients that you love working with.

Get clear on what you truly want, and identify where you are leaking power through your agreement to false perceptions of yourself, your clients or money.

STOP leaking power by investing in the energy of drama, fear or the thought worry loop.

Amp up self-care with greater awareness for regulating and soothing your nervous system.

Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are powerful tools for manifesting and creating harmony or discordance, choose more wisely.

Prolonged emotional disturbance and discordant thoughts cause imbalance, affecting the energetic system and manifesting in the physical body. Cultivate harmony and healthy actions to encourage well-being.

Understand the difference between Love as a vibrational frequency and fear as a man-made construct.

Body alignment practice and meditations for breathing, blessing your energy centres and tuning into heart-aligned potentials.

  • South Africa
Who I Help
  • Business Executives
  • Coaches
  • Dream Weavers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inspired Women
  • Intuitive Leadership
  • Old Souls
  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Seekers
  • Vision Bearers
  • Way Showers
  • Wisdom Keepers