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About Robbie

I guide you through practical steps for navigating conflict or uncomfortable conversations and support you in embodying your confidence when faced with moments of challenging communication in all areas of relationships.

I am a trained narrative therapist and coach with a Bachelor of Communications and Masters (in progress) of Counselling, specializing in narrative therapy. I support you in communicating with compassion, clarity and confidence.

I support you to communicate your boundaries, needs and desires in four key areas of your life: romantic relationships, friendships, colleagues and family.

What if you don’t know your boundaries or needs or desires? I will help you get clear on these so you can stand in your power and communicate in challenging conversations with confidence.

The quality of our relationships, directly affects to the quality of our lives. Communication is at the heart of this. I support you into bold new levels of communication that foster deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and then with your partners, friends, family and colleagues.

I also Tramua Informed and use somatic tools (connection of body and mind) to dive deeper into your felt experience and support you at multiple healing layers.

  • New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Communications
  • Masters of Counselling (In progress)
  • Somatic Dance facilitator
  • Trauma Informed Coach
Who I Help
  • couples
  • LGBTQ++
  • men
  • students
  • women