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Beth Farris · Business Clarity Mentor

I demystify business + marketing ✨


About Beth Farris

Dreaming about starting your own business? Or ready to evolve to the next level? Let’s get clarity on your business, brand, and marketing so you can create more impact and income.


🤔 How do I promote myself without sounding pushy or salesy?
🤔 How should I package and price my services?
🤔 How do I get clear on my niche / target market?
🤔 How can I adapt my business model for growth?
🤔 How do I talk about what I do / clarify my message?
🤔 What are the best ways for me to create more clients?
🤔 What steps should I take to start and structure my business?
🤔 How can I position myself to stand out?
🤔 How should I decide which marketing tactics to use?

After 18 years working in creative marketing in the US, I moved to Amsterdam and started my own business. Today, I love helping others make that exciting leap into entrepreneurship too, so they can write their own rules and make a positive impact.

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  • Netherlands
Who I Help
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their business
  • Client-based businesses (coaches, consultants, trainers, freelancers, etc.)
  • Experienced business owners ready to rebrand, pivot, or scale
  • Solo business owners in Europe, the US, and around the world