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Macie Manns, CPDC

Coaching for human understanding in society.


About Macie

My journey began in a Fortune 500 company, with a personal desire to understand cultural differences in communication between teams and customers. This inspired the development of a tool that aids in the comprehension of communication accommodations, essentially encouraging people to understand each other through a cultural lens.

This resulted in a plethora of opportunities and projects enhanced by the tool, including Ambassador for Inclusion & Equality initiatives, the establishment of workshops in Learning & Development for top management and executives, and trainings for vendor summits.

I am a professionally certified Diversity Coach (CPDC) in ICF-approved Coach specific training hours (ACSTH), with vast experience delivering and coordinating inclusive presentations at all levels of corporate leadership, resulting in meaningful discussions and self-discovery.

My goal is to assist you in discovering your challenges and curiosities in human connections and developing techniques to process them for improved knowledge and performance.

  • California, United States