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Oluwatunmise Oladapo Kuku

It's about showing up;not Perfection...


About Oluwatunmise

BHMcoaching is a life coach reflective practice seeking to empower willing individuals to embark on an insightful journey that frees them to understand and challenge paradigms, thoughts or beliefs that don’t serve and enable them to gain clarity to match their desired authentic self.

I will engage you in conversations that will empower you to explore, understand and engage your internal dialogue and how they affect your ultimate goal of living your unique authentic life!

My Story

The common question to a child when they begin to come to the age of reasoning is; “what do you want to be when you grow up?’

Parents also tend to assume that a child who builds blocks will be an engineer or that a child that liked to draw, will go into the arts.

Not me.

I am one of those people who didn’t have the dream of what they will become when I grew up.

I am sure I am a representation of demography.

Apart from not growing up in an environment with such positive reinforcement, I learnt early that whatever you think you are or whoever can easily be scuttled.

I learnt early to live moment by moment and experience by experience. I know that sounds like contemporary awareness which seems to have permeated recent human experience.

It is anything but.

What I knew early though, was I wanted to serve. I wanted to help anyone who had contact with me to have a special experience that will empower and give them some form of hope to being.

Something I didn’t have. Somehow, I knew that the world has to be different from what I was experiencing.

My foray into the media and my knack for writing brought me to a place I thought I could use the power of the media to help others and yes for 20 years it worked.

My soul craved more. Questions: was I truly serving, am I truly empowering people?

My relationship with myself and some others opened my eyes to a stark reality.

We are all actors, wearing masks. Different masks for different situations.

Social prejudices have worked hand in hand with social conditioning to hand us limiting beliefs, contradictory values, and worse of all the sacrifice of our reality, on the altar of social acceptance…

Using coaching skills alongside my communication skills, emotional intelligence, people knowledge, awareness, and intuition to help facilitate a journey that empowers clients and frees them to challenge limiting beliefs and/or paradigms.

  • Nigeria
  • Professional Diploma in Coaching (Shaw Academy)
  • Senior Certified Professional Coach (CTA-SCPC)
Who I Help
  • Men, Women, Teenagers, Young Adults